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Images from Floyd


For now, here are several places to see a few of the images I've taken, mostly, out the back door and across the road. I'll be adding more sound files along, so check back. For those of you who have been hopeful of Fragments images in Slow Road Home, I'm sorry there are only a few small black and white images. However...


The next project at Goose Creek Press is a full color book that is primarily images with supplemental text, some from Slow Road Home, and some previously unpublished descriptive prose that compliments the images.


Fragments Images at Flickr


Image Galleries at SmugMug


This link will carry you to the main image page, but clicking on the "SLIDESHOW" link there makes for an interesting way to see pictures that have been posted to Fragments from Floyd.


Fragments Galleries at Exposure Manager

This was my original gallery, and though I don't subscribe any longer, they are kind enough to let folks look at images previously stored there, most from the more remote past (2003-2004)


Fragments Blog Images 2005

I simply uploaded about 300 small images from the 2005 Fragments images folder to SmugMug. You might also look at some other collections, like WINTER.




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